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This month we are excited to share with you ‘Art House,’ an article in Modern Magazine, as well as another episode of Seen in NY both featuring The Art Barge and The D’Amico House.

Modern Magazine’s article ‘Art House,’ offers an intimate look into the Victor and Mabel D’Amico Studio and Archives. Author Jenny Florence and photographer Jenny Gorman beautifully depict the D’Amico residence in Lazy Point, Long Island as “an assemblage of modern furnishings and eclectic objects combined as if the residence itself were a readymade…a riotous and creative composition, an art carnival in itself.” The D’Amico House remains preserved to this day by The Victor D’Amico Institute of Art, and is a living reminder of their legacy, artistic practice and educational philosophy. To read the article and see photographs of the D’Amico house visit:

‘Seen in NY: The D’Amico Studio and Archive’ a EdLab production from Teachers College, Columbia University is a stunning visual documentation of the D’Amico House and The Art Barge. The Art Barge President Christopher Kohan’s narration provides the viewer with a unique perspective of Victor D’Amico’s educational philosophy. With anecdotes from his personal experiences living and working alongside the D’Amico’s, Kohan discusses the importance of their legacy and his work to preserve the D’Amico’s unique vision. “Victor told me early on when I was with him that there are two types of teachers. There is one type of teacher that can tell you only what they know, but there is another type of teacher that will tell you what you need to know and that is more important.” To see the video please visit:

Thank you Modern Magazine and Seen In NY! The Art Barge and D’Amico house memorialize Victor and Mabel D’Amico’s contribution to art education. We are grateful for your support.

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