More than ever, The Victor D’Amico Institute of Art/ The Art Barge has become a place for personal renewal. A summer base where you can share exciting new artistic, environmental and social activities with people of all ages.

Built in 1960 by Victor D’Amico, The Art Barge is a stimulating setting in a natural environment that nurtures the creative spirit and has attracted the attention of painters, photographers, parents and children, sculptors, printers and people of all ages.

Victor D’Amico was the founding Director of the Department of Education at the Museum of Modern Art from 1937 until 1970. He was not only a remarkable artist and teacher, but a visionary and pioneer of modern art education.   His belief was that the arts are a humanizing force and that their function was to vitalize living; to make each man, woman and child richer for having taken part in them.

Adding to the integrity of The Barge, The Mabel and Victor D’Amico Studio & Archive (The House) comprises the extensive collection of research materials: photos, films, articles, books, motivational materials and artwork. From early modernist architecture and furnishings to found art sculptures and collected items. The House contains many treasures from the private world of Victor and his wife Mabel and is open to the public for tours and private functions on weekends by appointment only.   Please contact us to arrange a visit and become a FRIEND of Mabel and Victor.

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