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The Victor D’Amico Institute of Art, affectionately known as The Art Barge, is a summer art school located on the eastern end of Long Island.  Founded in 1960 by Victor D’Amico, Director of Education at the Museum of Modern Art, the Institute is situated on a World War I Navy barge that was towed ashore and beached along Napeague Harbor. The Art Barge is a non-profit art education organization dedicated to the ideals of Victor D’amico, “that the arts are a humanizing force and their major function is to vitalize living.” As the arts are increasingly neglected by educational institutions, The Art Barge recognizes the artistic potential within every man, woman, and child. Through weekend workshops, open studio sessions, and evening events, The Art Barge is an accessible art center that prides itself on furthering arts education and reflecting the rich art history of Long Island.