Children’s Studio

The Children’s Studio offers instruction to young people in a variety of art forms, painting, collage and sculpture. Indoor and outdoor studio experiences and visiting artists will be combined to provide enriching and creative processes in a natural environment


The 2-D Plane will quite simply explore 2-Dimensional mediums. By utilizing drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, and primitive photographic processes, students will gain a heightened awareness of the diversity of art practices that can be done on a flat surface. How do we explore 3-Dimensionality on one plane and how do these varying 2-Dimensional materials differ?


W x H x L : 3-D ART

W x H x L : 3-D Art will challenge students to push past the limitations of 2-D art and begin to explore 3-D projects that pose different questions about perspectives, materials, and interaction with physical space. Projects will explore the diversity of mediums and challenge our students not only to think outside of the box, but question the creative potential of the box itself.



The Reflected Image is an introduction to image transfer techniques. How does an image shift as it is reflected onto another surface? In a digital age where everything is a copy of something else, we will challenge students to think about the role of the reflected image in relation to the original. We will work on a range of 2D and 3D surfaces as we study printmaking, drawing and fabric transfers, and primitive photographic techniques.