Reopening 19 May 2018



19 May-23 June – Promised Land Remembered

30 June-28 July—The Finder’s Eye

5 August-8 September—Those Who Teach

Promised Land Remembered | 19 May-23 June

Promised Land Remembered is an exhibition of paintings by Mabel D’Amico accompanied by selected ephemera and historical narrative on view in the Barge Gallery on The Art Barge through 23 June. Co-organized with Rachel Gruzen, it features works on paper dating to the 1940s along with photographs, documents, and anecdotes relating the historically significant activity of this once-bustling fishing port and menhaden processing plant off Cranberry Hole Road in Amagansett. Few people are alive today that experienced first-hand the sights and smells of Promised Land. Through this exhibition we recall and transmit that place and time. Further, we might elicit additional recollections and anecdotes from the public in order to truly remember and record the prominence of Promised Land.