Weekend Workshops


Come explore the relationship between writing and studio art in this weekend workshop. Students will investigate watercolor, collage and acrylic painting while broadening their writing practice. Whether writing with paint or encorporating image engaging in mixed media will help bring about new perspectives.


Studio Painting classes provide open instruction to artists of all levels. Students work at their own pace and in their own style using any painting medium while receiving individual guidance and personal instruction from class faculty. Weekly courses will conclude with class critiques to discuss the work, composition, painting concepts, and process as well as reflect on the overall learning experience. Indoor and outdoor easels are provided as well as basic studio materials.


This course explores the properties of traditional watercolor painting as well as other water-based mediums such as tempera, gouache and acrylic paint. Various techniques will be taught through daily demonstrations on the use of washes, dry brush, wet-on-wet and dynamic color mixing to maximize the intrinsic qualities of the medium and in turn give students more control over their individualized practice.

*This class is sponsored by Winsor & Newton


Cut ‘n’ paste a wide array of materials to construct new and dynamic images. Instruction, technical exercises, discussion and demonstrations will be part of the daily experience as participants discover how paper, fabric, text, and image can be manipulated to great effect.