A series of evenings with distinguished artists at The Art Barge
Wednesdays 6 pm | $20

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Join us for the 2019 series COLLABORATIONS

conversations, exhibitions, and installations from
creators in film, design, and the visual arts

JUNE 19  Kris Moran and A.S. Hamrah

JULY 17 Emilia and Ilya Kabakov

CANCELED   AUGUST 14 Maira and Alex Kalman 

After Speak eats by Harbor Market & Kitchen


Kris Moran is an artist, designer, and set decorator for film and television who has collaborated with acclaimed directors Barry Jenkins, Noah Baumbach, Wes Anderson, Todd Solondz and others. Her vision in set decoration and props can be found in Moonrise Kingdom, The Royal Tenenbaums, If Beale Street Could Talk and many more award-winning films. She applies her craft to live events, restaurant interiors, and hotels as well. As an artist, Kris’s drawings, prints, and videos are magical in their play with medium and sophisticated in their simplicity. Her studio work serves as inspiration for art direction and event design.

A. S. Hamrah is the author of The Earth Dies Streaming: Film Writing, 2002-2018. He has been the film critic for n+1 since 2008 and was the editor of the magazine’s film review. His writing appears in Harper’s, Bookforum, The BafflerTANK, and Cineaste. He has worked as a movie theater projectionist, a semiotic brand analyst, a football cinematographer, a zine writer, and for the film director Raúl Ruiz. He lives in Brooklyn, N.Y.


Ilya and Emilia Kabakov are amongst the most celebrated artists of their generation and widely known as pioneers of installation art or, more specifically, of the “total installation”. Together, they have produced over 200 immersive installations and other conceptual works based both in reality and fantasy, addressing ideas of utopia, dreams, and fear to reflect on the universal human condition. The Kabakovs were both born in Dnepropetrovsk in the former USSR, and both settled in the United States. Emilia emigrated to the USA in 1973 and was a professional musician, curator and art adviser. Ilya was a practicing artist in the Soviet Union until leaving in 1987 aged 54 to travel Europe and America. He eventually settled in New York. Ilya and Emilia Kabakov have collaborated together since 1989. They were married in 1992. They live and work on the North Fork of Long Island.


We regret to inform that this event has been canceled

Maira and Alex Kalman (mother and son) have created Sara Berman’s Closet, an installation that was at the Metropolitan Museum or Art for nine months. This summer it will be an outdoor monument to independence on independence mall, Philadelphia. Described as “the apostle of simplicity” Sara Berman (Kalman’s mother and grandmother respectively) left her husband of 38 years at the age of 60 and discovered a new life of liberation. The recreation of her closet  – a symbol of order and beauty –  reveals the journey of life, from the monumental to the mundane.

Maira Kalman is an author and illustrator of more than twenty-eight books for adults and children. A contributor to The New York Times and the The New Yorker, she is the co-creator with John Heginbotham of a ballet based on her book, The Principles of Uncertainty. Represented by the Julie Saul Gallery, she has exhibited her work at museums worldwide. She owns a pair of Toscanini’s pants and lives in NYC.

Alex Kalman is a designer, creative director, curator, and inventor. He is the owner of What Studio? and the founder of Mmuseumm. A contributor to the New York Times, his work has been exhibited at museums worldwide. He lives in NYC.




image credits: Kris Moran (photo by Zoltan Tombor) and A.S. Hamrah (photo by Lesley Unruh); Emilia and Ilya Kabakov (photo by Roman Mensing); Maira and Alex Kalman (photo by Andrew White)