3 June-7 September—The Art Carnival

The Art Carnival presented at The Art Barge condenses an interactive, art educational exhibition and program into an extravaganza that blends carnival, nautical, and modern art experience for people of all ages. The Art Carnival and The Art Barge together provide a motivational setting for people of all ages to switch gears, get inspired, and harness creative energy that will last through the season.

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19 May-23 June – Promised Land Remembered

30 June-28 July—The Finder’s Eye

19 August-8 September—D’Amico’s Friends

D'Amico's Friends | 19 August-8 September

Inaugural Exhibit of Artworks
by Friends of the VDIA

paintings, drawings, collage, sculpture, ceramics

Scott Bluedorn | Rossa Cole | Mabel D’Amico
Elaine Grove | Rowan Hausman | Doris Lerman
Francisco Sainz | Stephen Soreff | Janice Stanton
Aurelio Torres | Charles Waller

I did not make the silver shoe.
I tied the ribbon round it.
I did not weave the silken hue.
In the sky, I found it. 

-Teri Kennedy, 3/24/17

The Finder's Eye | 30 June-28 July

Guest Curator, Teri Kennedy

Found Art has to do with the discovery of an aesthetic component or components in natural or man-made things which were not intended to be works of art: the tortuous grain of a tree stump in browns or silvery grays, the concentric pattern of a cobweb glistening with raindrops, the weathered stains on a stucco wall… Once these qualities have been revealed, the secret is out.”

-Victor D’Amico, 1965


Marcel Duchamp placed a bicycle wheel atop a kitchen stool (Bicycle Wheel, 1913). Joseph Cornell set plastic ice cubes in a velvet-lined box (Homage to the Romantic Ballet, 1942). Mabel D’Amico transformed shore debris into mysterious abstract renderings. Each saw the art in and of the object and so began the process of creating Found Object Art.

The process continues for the artists of The Finder’s Eye. Where the casual observer may see only the obvious, they see the possibility of expression. Literal, symbolic, abstract, illustrative, magical, figurative. These artists envision another reality for the driftwood, plastic, abandoned goods, bits of string or paper.

I love that this expression is available to all of us. It begins when we see, rescue and then display a piece of Found Art. The seashell that sits on the kitchen shelf. The cast-off piece of metal that is at home in our garden. It continues when we are inspired to combine that Found Art with other recovered materials to create sculpture, collage, or, just possibly, a chair.

Promised Land Remembered | 19 May-23 June

Promised Land Remembered is an exhibition of paintings by Mabel D’Amico accompanied by selected ephemera and historical narrative on view in the Barge Gallery on The Art Barge through 23 June. Co-organized with Rachel Gruzen, it features works on paper dating to the 1940s along with photographs, documents, and anecdotes relating the historically significant activity of this once-bustling fishing port and menhaden processing plant off Cranberry Hole Road in Amagansett. Few people are alive today that experienced first-hand the sights and smells of Promised Land. Through this exhibition we recall and transmit that place and time. Further, we might elicit additional recollections and anecdotes from the public in order to truly remember and record the prominence of Promised Land.